Decora PVC Braided Hose

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Decora PVC Braided Hose

DECORA : PVC FLEXIBLE BRAIDED HOSES are two or three layers hoses with sandwich knitted High Tenacity Nylon Yarn Spiral Reinforcements. These hoses have smooth Inner Tube for easy flow and Outer covering resistant to abrasion/ chemicals/ UV rays and ageing. These hoses maintain its flexibility even in cold and hot weather. “DECORA" brand is marked on the hoses at regular intervals.


Decora General Properties

  • Excellent resistance to attack by Acids, Alkalies, Aqueous solutions, rodents.
  • Does not kink or crush under severe working conditions. Recommended working range:- 10 deg C to +70 deg C.
  • Recommended minimum bending radius - 4 times I.D.
  • Transparent, translucent or opaque as required.
  • Light in weight and flexible.
  • Resistant to high pressure.


“DECORA" range of hoses have numerous application in Industry, Agriculture, Household, Gardening and State of the Art technology, R & D facilities. etc.

  • Compressed Air connections, Pneumatic Tools and Presses, Garages, Car Wash, Dentist's equipments and Hospitals
  • High pressure water connections for Civil construction sites, factories, service centres, various clinics.
  • Household water connections for washing Machines, Dish Washers, Wash basins and Plumbing.
  • Transportation of Chemicals, Acids, Alkalies, Liquids and Gases.
  • Spraying of Insecticides in Agriculture.
  • Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hose Reels.
  • Rock Drilling in Quarries and Mines.
  • FOOD contact applications in Food processing and Dairies, Brewries, Distilleries etc.

DECORA is Superior to Rubber Hoses as it:

  • Is light in weight & hence easy to handle.
  • Does not crack in use or when stored for long periods.
  • Is transperent and hence allows blocks and air locks to be detected.
  • Is strongly resistant to chemicals, most acids, alkalies and moisture.
  • Has smooth inner surface for excellent flow.
  • Can withstand higher working pressure.
  • Is resistant to abrasion & tough working conditions.
  • Is (CAD/CAE) designed and (CNC/CAM) manufactured on state of the art machinery.


Specially developed / Imported Decora Power Spray hose as weaved with strong dripped reinforced yarn for high pressure resistance, excellent elasticity and too good flexibility, over all keeping indian climactic conditions in priority satisfying users need.



  • For - Spraying agricultural chemicals, Farmlands, Orchards, etc.
  • For - digging in mines, roads etc.
  • For - Washing Ships, Vehicles, cleaning devices