Decora PVC Garden Pipes

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Decora PVC Garden Pipes

The Decora tubes is the household users partner for life. It is a non-reinforced general purpose tube which comes as transparent, coloured or plain opaque according to specifications. This Hose is light, flexible and to be used in low pressure condition.

It is available in various sizes [diameter 4.5mm to 50mm] as well as thickness. [0.75mm to 6mm].

P.V.C. Tubes can be supplied in food grade non-toxic form on request.



  • Decora P.V.C. tubing widely used in gardening, general water transportation & water connections etc.
  • It can be used for domestic pesticide spraying & water spraying etc.
  • It is used as levelling tubes in constructions.
  • It finds application in automobiles and laboratories.