Flying Flex PU House Coil (BLUE)

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Flying Flex PU Hose Coil (BLUE)


  • Automated machinery, coating machinery, all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic & hydraulic machinery, construction and various pneumatic tools.
  • Polyether based PU Tube is hydrolysis-resistant, anti-bacterial & anti-fungous, and it can be used for gardening, cleaning, water hoses and other purposes.

Features of PU Bare Hose :

  • Flexibility of Polyurethane tubing is still good under very low temperature, good elasticity.
  • Pretty high intensity, abrasion resistant and long service life, Small bending radius.
  • Light weight, high grade of transparency, anti-corrosion on partly chemical material.
  • Inner Wall of Polyurethane tube is very smooth for transport.
  • PU tube / Pneumatic tubing are Widely used in Pneumatic automation system, Air tools.

Features of PU Coil :

  • Light weight
  • Space and time saving
  • Easy to use
  • Recoils back automatically after use.

Specification :

  • Fluid : Air, Water, Non-Corrosive Oil
  • Working Temperature : 0-70°c