Freon Thunder Spring Hose

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Freon Thunder Spring Hose



  • PVC hose wall and inlaid steel wire spiral framework.
  • Tube : PVC hose wall and inlaid steel wire spiral framework.
  • Reinforcement : Shock resistant galvanized Strong, smooth and flexible steel wire spiraled.
  • Cover : Non Toxic clear flexible PVC.
Freon Thunder Spring Hose


  • Suction hose of vacuum pressure.
  • Delivery of machine tools.
  • Vacuum forming machine.
  • Widely used as dust collector attached to woodworking machinery and sanitation lines.
  • Vacuum lines of autoloaders (Plastic Processing).
  • Used in the transport of plastic granulate materials and resin.
  • Ideal hose for sucking or discharge of water, oil, weak chemicals, and powders in industry, shipyard, agriculture, engineering, factory, mining, and building, etc.
  • Used in conveying of food-grade material and fluid like water, mineral water, fruit juice in food & Pharmaceutical Industry


* Phthalate Free and as per FDA -21-CFR-175-300 (US regulation) and IS 9845:1988

  • Strong, resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and weather i.e. good adaptability to hard weather conditions and minus pressure.
  • Excellent kink and crush resistance.
  • Transparent for easy flow monitoring with a small bending radius.
  • Glass-like clarity with mirror-smooth surfaces.
  • Provide outstanding visual flow characteristics.
  • With colorful symbol lines on the structure of the hose, it can be more beautiful.
  • Light in weight and flexible with good cold and heat resistance.