Hindustan Transmission Belt

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Hindustan Transmission Belt

Hindustan Rubbers Provides quality brands of Transmission Rubber Beltings which has been promoted and nurtured by a group of professionals who are committed to provide an assured quality which has maintained its brand image in the competitive market.



Special cotton-ducks used for manufacturing of Rubber Transmission Beltings impregnated with super grade Rubber compound and vulcanised uniformly.



Hindustan Steel Belt: Hindustan Steel Belt All cotton fabric 34 oz with parallel red lines warp wise. The Heavy duty cotton fabric used provides good service on heavy duty drives and is resistant to continuous jerks during operations.


Hindustan Super: Hindustan Super All cotton fabric 31 oz with parallel blue lines warp wise. meant for medium drives. Hindustan Steel and Hindustan Super Beltings are embossed with every 6 metres.


Hindustan High Speed: Hindustan High Speed. All cotton fabric 3O oz meant for light drives. Embossed with HR every 6 metres. Upgraded manufacturing techniques and special woven fabrics make these Beltings Resistant to Stretch. Our range includes Roundedge and Foldedge Beltings. Any size can be Manufactured upto width 1250 MM