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Indus Conveyor Belts


"Indus" Steep Angle Conveyor Belts are modern age Bucket Elevator Box Belts. These Belts are made with Cleats and Sidewall. The concept of steep angle belts is to carry materials on steepest angle upto 90o with zero spillage. These belts can be driven at the speed upto 5 M/Sec. The space requirement is quite less as compared to Conventional Belts.

Base Belt: Base Belt plays a key role in steep angle Conveyor Belt. The base belts are made with special cross rigid Meambrane design to get more stability and rigidity. The different design of cross rigid belts are available with us as Indus ‘CTR’, Indus ‘CBR’, Indus ‘CDR’. (Please call us to know more details.)

Side Wall: The side wall has been designed to achieve adequate rigidity to avoid the bucking under compression experienced by it at the point of deflection. The top portion of the side wall has been designed against tear & gauging resistant by using special rubber compound having high elongation at break. The side wall are fully reinforced with Synthetic fabric to get better life.


"Indus" Rubber Sheets

Are available with various types, grades and profiles with and without fabric insertion, it is also available with cushion back (fabric impression back) in various thickness, Range from 8 mm to 50 mm, width upto 1500 mm. with different patterns and also available in continues lengths of 10, 20, 50, 100 to 200 metres.


  • NR/ SBR: For mechanical packing heat resistance/ Abrasion resistant.
  • EPDM: For Roof sheet, Tank lining, Acid resistant.
  • Nittrlle / Neoprene: For oil resistant Pulley float roof sheets heat resistant/ Food grade etc.
  • Silicon: Food grade and heat resistant packing.
  • Skirt board rubber / Pulley legging: Made from different polymers suitable as per the application.


"Indus" Pipe (Tube) Conveyor Belts

Are designed to handle ecologically dangerous materials that cause severe pollution to the environment and working area.

Suitable to handle:

  • Iron ore
  • Lime powder
  • Cement powder & clinkers.
  • Hazardous chemicals.

Pipe Conveyor Belts have revolutionized the traditional mode of material handling. The belt in this system flattens itself at the loading and discharge stages after it assumes a pipe shape during its forward/ return runs. The idlers are arranged in a hexagonal array with three rolls on either side.


  • It protects the material against rain, dust, wind, temperature, etc.
  • It eliminates spilling and wastage.
  • It omits transfer points.
  • It has two dimension as well as three dimension curves.
  • It eliminates canopy on the top of the structure.
  • It inclines the Conveyor upto 35o
  • It is environmental friendly, especially against pollution hazard.

The pipe Conveyor Belt can convey materials like coat/liginite, sinter, iron, pellets, coke, cement, limestone, clinker, ashes, grains and chemicals. These belt’s are cost effective, low labour and operating costs make it a very attractive mode of transportation.


Range for Indus Conveyor Belting and Cover Grades

Standard Belt Width (mm)
300, 400, 500, 600, 650, 750, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1800, and 2000. The belt in width not listed can be manufactured as per the Customer’s requirement.
Belt Edges: Belt edges can be given in both cut edge and sealed edges.


  • Synthetic Carcass: The carcass consists of Nylon-Nylon (NN) and Polyester Nylon (EP) constructions are available with ratings starting from 200/2-315/3 upto 2000/6. For further information on complete range and grades, refer to the technical belt selection chart.
  • Cotton-Cotton Carcass: The Cotton Carcass belts offered are available in 28,32,34,36,42 & 48 0z from 2 to 10ply construction.
  • Cotton / Nylon Carcass: The range of cotton / nylon Carcass belts are available as per customer’s specification.

Advantages of NN/ EP Conveyor Belts:
  • Excellent Flexibillity
  • Very low permanent elongation
  • Excellent Toughability
  • Excellent Cover-to- Ply adhesion
  • Maximum Load Support
  • Suitable for Mechanical fasteners
  • Impact Resistance
  • Suitable for all types of Cover Grades


Indus Special Purpose Belts

"Indus" Roll Series Conveyor Belting (Jointless Belting)
has been highly acclaimed especially when they are used as telescopic or feed belt or weighing and packing belt, it can be driven over narrow Pulley diameter (even lower than 100mm) at the speed of 25 M/Sec.


  • Maximum Uniformity of thickness and strength all over the surface.
  • It can be driven over narrow pulley diameter (even lower than 100 mm)
  • It can also run on higher speed (As high as 25 M/Sec.)
  • Option for minimum elongation (upto 1,0%) at ref. Load.
  • These belts are ideally suitable for weigh feeder, wagon feeder, telescope conveyor, bag diverter, truck loader etc.
  • Belt can be manufactured in all specified grades meeting customer’s requirement.
  • Top Cover can also be designed and embossed in various shapes as required by the customer to convey specific material in the system.
  • The length of these type of belts is available upto 24 mtrs. With, tolerance of +1%.