Klipco Hose Clamps

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Klipco Hose Clamps

Worm Drive Hose Clamps & Fitment Tool

General Uses at

  • Automotives, Trucks, Tractors, & Two Wheelers
  • Aircrafts, Space & Satellites
  • Atomic Plants
  • Air Conditioning
  • Engineering, Machine- Tools, & Welding
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatics
  • Laboratories
  • Marine Navy & Defense
  • Mines
  • Oil, Gas & Refinery
  • Plants- Steel, Chemical, Fertilizers Cement etc.
  • Plantations, Agriculture & Domestic
  • Railways & Metros
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Traffic, Signals & Hoardings

Fitment Tools

Hexagonal Rigid Screw Driver

Hexagonal Flexi Screw Driver

Pneumatic Screw Driver


Worm Drive Hose Clamps

Specification: BS 5315: 1991, IS 4762 : 2002 and DIN: 3017.


Material: The Material used in Manufacture of WORM DRIVE HOSE CLAMPS shall be selected at the manufacturer's discretion provided that the finished clamps are capable of passing the tests specified.


Manufacture: Screw: Shall be held captive in the Clamp Housing.


Band: Band shall have a thread form commencing at the free end extending for a length sufficient to enable the clamp to be tightened on to the smallest diameter of component within the working range for which it is designed.


Housing: The housing shall not be readily removable from the band.


Finish: Clamp shall be smooth and free from burrs and sharp edges. Clamp Produced other than from corrosion resistant material (Stainless Steel) shall be protected from electroplating coating of zinc as per Fe Zn12 of IS: 1573/1970 & BS: 1706-Zn3.


Tests: Free running Torque Test : for this purpose the torque required to move the screw in either direction shall not exceed 1.5Nm i.e. (13.3 ibf /In or 0.16 kgf I m) Torque Test : The Clamp shall be tightened to 75% of the Torque Load, as shown in table. On release, Clamp shall reveal no sign of permanent distortion of the housing, nor efficient functioning of the clamp size. The Clamp shall then be retightened until permanent distortion or failure occurs, at this point torque load shall be in excess of the value shown in table.


Hydraulic Pressure Test : The fluid used for the test shall be water at room temperature. Torque applied shall not be more than 75% of the value. Pressure shall be applied gradually from an external source until leakage or other failure occurs, at which stage the pressure shall be not less than appropriate value specified.


Standard Worm Drive

Rubber Insulation

Spring Loaded Constant Torque


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