Regal HOFR Welding Cable

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Regal HOFR Welding Cable

Principal of Arc of Welding - Explaination

Regal HOFR Welding CableWelding Cable is used in welding tools, usually as a secondary cable to power the electrode of the welding mechanism. The welder will attach two different cables to his electric arc-welding tool, one cable to power device and a secondary circuit for the electrode itself. Most arc-welding generators have system that requires this secondary power source for operation. While the welding cable does not provide primary power for the generator or allow it to function, it does allow the electrode to function Welding cable is used to power the secondary circuit of electric arc-welding generators, the circuit that controls the electrode that emits the charge used to weld. This cable is made from flexible copper wire surrounded by a protective covering that is resistant to flame, heat, oil and abrasions, among other things, Because welding cable is used for rough conditions where it can be exposed to heat, sparks, weight and possibly accidents, it is constructed to be durable. The outer covering of Neoprene or EPDM rubber is made to withstand flame, spark, heat, abrasions, oil, tar and grease while letting you use it in both wet and dry conditions. Inside, the wiring is rated at 60, 75 or 90 degrees Celsius, showing what temperatures it can handle, and at 100 or 600 volts


Regal Welding Cable (HOFR & TRS Both)

Industrial Grade Welding


  • Superior HOFR (heat oil and fire retardent insulation)/TRS.
  • Temperature rating exceeds 90 Deg. C.
  • Orange / Black sheathing color Available.
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Resists oil and solvents.
  • Abrasions resistant
  • Made to International Specifications in ISO compliant state of the art Plant