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R O N Brake Lining

Ron Ba Popular and The First Choice Of Engineers.

By adopting most modern technology coupled with the use of latest machineries and product quality check - ups at every step of manufacturing with the guidance of our R&D . wing till the final stage, our brand of Brake lining are manufactured for the best satisfaction of the end- users. RON brand assure - highest quality, utility value and the ultimate need of the user i.e. SAFETY.


“ RON” BA is the first choice of the engineers of all industrial activites. S.R.A. make “RON” brand industrial brake lining is impregnated woven Asbestos based friction marerial and reinforced with brass wire which strength is future achieved as the basic Asbestos belt is woven on modern mechanised powerloom. “ RON” B.A. brake lining has a medium to high co -efficient of friction combined with excellent resistivity to temperature and wear.


Product Profile

RON Brand Brake Lining is markated as a black - colour woven friction material impregenated with special type polymeric medium. It is a liner with medium friction composition . The co - efficient of fricition remains constant over a wide range of tempeture .The development of heat is controlled through dissipation of heat in the system This liner is based on woven asbestos composition metallic or nonmetaillic type end therfore imparts maximum flexibility in all operating conditions .The binding material has been specially designed to resist all types of micro and macro vibrations and has no loss of flexibility and hardness on prolongned heat development in different environmental and application conditions. The composition has been evaluated in severe condition and found to give most satisfactory results without any possibility of break down at any stage. In this composition, unlike other lining, special ingrediants have been incoporated to resist action of water, heat, acid and alkalies. Presence of solvent resistant components makes it outstanding in solvent resistant properties and the product is, therefore unaffected by spilage of solvent and greases. In this composition interaction of solid reinforcing agent and the polymeric binding materials yield an optimum heterogenity to yield maximum mechanical properties in this system. Further the amorophus nature of the reinforcing agent contribute to maximum mechanical flexibility without affecting hardness and adhesion, thus resulting in excellent resistant to micro and macro vibrations which are likely to occur in the equipment and machineries during operating conditions. Excellent thermal conductivity combined with extermely low wear characteristics, the materials is suitable for number of applications. Antifade property is another feature of the brake lining. "RON" Brand woven Brake Lining is supplied in roll from and therefore can be cut to any size and diameter according to the need to the customer. The liner is available is rolls of 15mtrs lengh and the surface is unground and is suitable for use under dry operating condition. and in thickness ranging between 6.4 to 19.1 mm and thick 4.8 m.m to19m.m and width from 25.4mm to 463.6 mm. The width is maintained between + 0.8 mm. to -0.8 mm. Also supplied in cut sizes as asked for.



"RON" Brand Bonded Asbestos Industrial Brake Lining" are sutiable for a great variety of brake & clutch components in the general industrial field such as industrial band and drum brake linings (e.g.,Cranes, lifts, excalator, Winches, concrete mixtures, drop hammers, mining equipments, Winding appliances, ground haulages, tippers, oil welldraw works, road rollers drilling units sugar mill centrifugals)


Description of Ron Ba With Technical Datas

General Description

Flexible, solid woven asbestos based made of yarh confiring I.S. specification I.S. 4687/1980 spun around brass copper wire for additional strength in the product. 'BA' is unground on both side and the colour is black.


Tech Datas

  • Friction Value for design 0.35
  • Max. temp. 260°c ( 500°F)
  • max. Cont. Tem. 125°C (257°F)
  • Tensile Strength 246Kg /cm (3500lbs /sq. inch)
  • Compressive strength 633Kg/cm2 ( 9000lbs sqin.) for 10% compression
  • Specific Gravity 1.75gm/cc (0.06 lbs /min)
  • Rivet holding capacity 900 Kg/cm2 (12800lbs. Sq. in)

Description of Ron Ba With Technical Datas

Mating Surface

Close grain or alloy cast iron. if steel forged or cold Profused with brikall hardness 200 or above, Cast Steel not recommended.


Machining Tools

High speed steel tools are considered satisfactory. (Technical Datas are based on international standard test methods)


Note: the continuous Temp. indicated is for constant slip condition, for intermittent applicable, bulk temp. of 160° are acceptable for long period0