Sterco LPG Hose

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Sterco LPG Hose

LPG means liquefied petroleum gas which is mixture of n Butane and n-pentane used in household & industrial application. The earlier tube (green colour) was used extensively in the above application . However the tube did have a few drawbacks like, not being rodent proof, had a low bursting pressure. To overcome the above drawbacks and to make the tube absolutely safe for domestic use, the specification was revised as per BIS Std (13 9573, Type IV) which has the following parameters,


  • Bursting pressure 5 mpa.
  • Working Pressure 1 mpa.
  • Inner tube (black colour) resisting n-pentane both in absorption & extraction.
  • High tensile S.S. Wire introduced as a reinforcement for bursting proof requirement and also for rodent proofness
  • Outer tube orange colour made from special synthetic rubber for protection against environmental deterioration (Ozone resistance), flame proofness and low temp. flexibility upto - 40 Dec. C

Sterco: BIS certified product for you which has been registered under ISI IS : 9573.


Sterco: Takes utmost care in the process of manufacturing from mixing of raw material to the testing of the end products. Which is totally done in house. We are in a position to assure our customer of any mfg. defects for 5 years.